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Van Der Pol, MarkX markx.van.der.pol at intel.com
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The wiki.minnowboard.org was retired and all pertinent content was moved to the new main website. At least, that was my intention. The error message now shown could certainly be improved, and I will get that taken care of.

What tutorials are you noticing missing? We will certainly consider moving and updating old ones if there is a need or request.

And the pages now on github that look like a wiki are the feedback and background information for the current minnowboard.org website, not the legacy wiki.

As to the lures no longer being in production – that is a sad fact of supply and demand – suppliers only build and warehouse what there is a demand for. Fortunately, most of the lures are open-source, so can easily be re-created by you or manufactured again


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Is this it?

On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 3:24 AM Benjamin Hansmann <i at qbox.audio<mailto:i at qbox.audio>> wrote:
I recently purchased a Minnowboard Turbot. I wonder what happened to
wiki.minnowboard.org<http://wiki.minnowboard.org>, it's returning 502 Bad Gateway since weeks. I
also noticed that some tutorials where removed from the main website. I
was also disappointed to find out that all the Lures don't seem to be
available for sale anymore.

Does anyone maybe have an offline copy of the former Wiki or other

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