[MinnowBoard] Passmark Memtest86

Lee, Keerock keerock.lee at intel.com
Wed Aug 30 18:17:26 UTC 2017

Intel internal team is also looking into this issue and working with Passmark to clearly root cause this issue. There is no hardware issue found and we will further continue to address this.

Thank you,

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Hello MinnowBoard list.

Just a quick headsup here: A few people have reported that running the popular Memtest86 diagnostic by Passmark on a MinnowBoard Turbot produces errors. We have replicated the issue as well on a NUC and Intel's Bayley Bay CRB. When passmark mode is Parallel, Memtest86 shows errors, but when the passmark mode is single core, no errors surface.

All data thus far points to an issue with Passmark software. We will be reaching out to Passmark this week. If anybody has friends there, let us know.

Just wanted to get a note out there.

Have a good day,
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