[MinnowBoard] TurboT Quad Core problems with Jetway ADMPEIDLB 2 port mPCIe NIC (via SilverJaw)

Wei, David david.wei at intel.com
Thu Jul 6 23:48:54 UTC 2017

You could boot to UEFI BIOS’s shell and use “lspci” to check if these devices have been identified by UEFI BIOS.

David  Wei

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did you install the drivers?

On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 5:48 PM, Peter Vinsel <petervinsel at gmail.com<mailto:petervinsel at gmail.com>> wrote:
I just got a new quad core TurboT with a SilverJaw lure so I could install a dual 10/100/1000 EN mPCIe board. I've also got a mSATA SSD drive & I installed Ubuntu 16.06 Linux on it. The only problem is that the 2 EN ports are not coming up in Linux. I was able to try to mPCIe board in different CPU and it works fine.

I've done a little troubleshooting and the dmesg log shows that Linux is getting a bunch of errors attempting to initial the card. It looks like there a PCI memory mapping problem with lots of BAR errors. I've attached a file with the lspci output as well as the dmesg output.

Has anyone else tried using the quad core minnowboard with the Jetway ADMPEIDLB using the SilverJaw successfully?

Peter Vinsel

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