[MinnowBoard] repair minnowboard power supply

Krau, Michael P michael.p.krau at intel.com
Fri Mar 24 20:54:56 UTC 2017

If I remember correctly, (from back in the early days, when this was a more common event):

The schematic page 22 is of more value.  I believe when 12vts is applied, the chip U35 was the first (and usually only) part to go south.

Though there should be some discussion of this in earlier threads (about 2 + years ago).


Michael Krau

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unfortunately, I applied 12V instead of 5V on the DC jack.

Now, only 1 of 2 diodes is lightning up.

I am looking at:


p. 29:

5 V DC --> NMOS and Switching supply . Not sure where to look for the broken IC from this. What could I do to repair the board?

Thanks a lot!


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