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Grigory V. Korotov grinux at mail.ru
Thu Feb 2 19:12:21 UTC 2017

Hello Brian.
Thanks for forwarding.
I have some updates.
I turned off realtek by removing 25Mhz XTAL from original MAX2.
And both 32 and 64 bit UEFI stops showing ID strings.
I think UEFI stops showing ID when it cant find UNDI device.
As we know i210 have only 64bit UNDI and as a result my custom board 
shows ID only with 64bit EFI.
And when i disabled realtek on Minnow2 it stops showing in both cases 
because there is no UNDI device at all.
Could someone points me start point to start source editing to resolve 
this problem?


02.02.2017 20:02, Ottaway, Brian R пишет:
> Hello Grigory. Going with the i210 makes sense for AVB, p-timing, and such. I copied your issue to Github, link below, and flagged it to the person I think will have input.
> https://github.com/MinnowBoard-org/bugs-and-help/issues/14
> -Brian
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> Hi all.
> I built my own board based on MAX 2.
> On the second revision of my board a have replaced realtek LAN to intel i210.
> By now i have issue.
> If i build 94 version of firmware in 64 bit mode everything is okay.
> If i build firmware using 32 bit mode there is some problems.
> In main BIOS setup screen there is no board information in left upper corner of the screen.
> Also when using windows software(AIDA etc) to identify board manufacturer it shows me nothing. No Manufacturer ID no board ID and even no CPU microcode revision.
> I did some investigations and found that when firmware runs in 32 bit mode it does not enter MiscSubclassDriverEntryPoint function which calls function AddSmbiosManuCallback which initialize Platform information using mPlatformInfo variable.
> I tried earlier versions of firmware and results is same.
> There is no problems in 64 or 32 bit mode on previous board with realtek LAN. This is only difference.
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