[MinnowBoard] TLV320AIC3x Linux Kernel Panic with SSDT Overlays on Minnowboard-based Platform (ACPI support)

David Scully dscully at sbimagingsystems.com
Mon Nov 14 19:06:50 UTC 2016


I am using a platform based on the Minnowboard Turbot that contains a
TLV320AIC3104 connected via I2C and the Atom's LPE interface. I am also
using Linux kernel 4.8 which supports SSDT Overlays for augmenting
open-ended hardware configurations for ACPI (see

I've noticed that since 4.6, the tlv320aic31xx driver should pick up ACPI
tables with a hardware ID of "10TI3100" (apparently to support the Lenovo
100s). I have written a overlay based on a mix of the DSDT for Lenovo 100s
and the Minnowboard example in the kernel documentation. I have attempted to
load the driver via the EFI method as well as the configfs method in the
documentation, but both cause an immediate kernel panic when loaded.

SSDT Overlay:
Kernel Panic:
Lenovo-100s DSDT: http://noraisin.net/lenovo-100s/dsdt.dsl

It appears to be a null pointer dereference in the aic3x_i2c_probe function.
I'm pretty green when it comes to kernel debugging, but I'll see if I can
track down any more details.

Has anyone had any success using the getting a audio codec working with the


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