[MinnowBoard] Firmware hang

Ken Tait ktait at venturesystemdesign.com
Wed Oct 26 19:36:33 UTC 2016

AS another old timer that has used with these parts many times here is 
my call:

1.    Chances you wore out the part, 0% ..they are good for 100k writes 
minimum..I have never seen a worn out serial spi chip...
2.    Chances you damaged the part by applying wrong VCC..90%.. retrace 
your steps carefully..
3.    Chances you interrupted the program process at a critical time and 
either wrote garbage, damaged the internal voltage                
generator or fused a cell..good. Pulling connectors off with hot power 
can do this if it is still flashing internally.
3.    Chances you programmed it wrong, maybe an spi speed or wire length 
issue from the programmer. Just because you have a connector         to 
it, does not mean it will support a high speed(i.e over 4mhz) on any 
length of cable without an occasional bit failure. Use a 1mhz spi     
     speed at the programmer and when done, REMOVE the programmer before 
4.    Chances this (garbage collection routine), which I know nothing 
about is another piece of crap software is 100%.. A properly designed 
         boot should not need this.... Every time you get 'cute' you 
will shoot your foot off. KISS should apply here.
5.    I will bet that the board uses the max spi baud rate and this is 
most of the flaky problems...nothing happens in 0 time ;-) .

Just my 2C

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