[MinnowBoard] Windows 10 Pro Install

Eric ericolv at cox.net
Sat Apr 23 20:59:09 UTC 2016

Since this conversation is within the context of the MBM(T), I assume your
application must run in an embedded, low resource environment?  I also
assume your client was running XP, not XPe (XP Embedded).  I ask because,
I'm fairly certain Microsoft's licensing and support rules are different for
XPe vs. regular XP.   In other words, I believe XPe will still be supported
for at least a couple more years.   Of course, you'll need to test it first
but there is a good chance, your app will run, as is, on XPe.  You can also
check out Windows 7 or 8.1, Embedded.    

Setting aside the DLL you mentioned, if you're able to convert your
application to UWP (universal windows platform), then it will probably run
on IoT.   You may find that you can convert your app to UWP, with minimal
code changes.  Without knowing more about the DLL you mentioned, I can't
offer much additional advice.


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Hi Eric - Thank you for your reply!

I am on a steep learning curve!

I was keen on using IOT Core for my project, but I have been running in to
issues all along the way, hence why I was trying Win10 Pro.

To outline what I have been trying to achieve. I have a legacy project which
runs on XP. My (potential) client wants to implement a newer solution, but
is not allowed to have a new system installed with unsupported software
(WinXP), so I have started looking to upgrade to Win10. I have tried IOT
Core, but the application that I wish to run makes use of a DLL, which are
not (directly) supported. You can, however  use LoadPackagedLibrary(). I
have been looking around for more information, and not been able to find a
good example. As I was struggling with this, I thought I would try Windows
10 Pro, which would probably mean that I wouldnt have to re-write the
program for IOT.

I had seen some other posts on this forum, where they ahd said that they had
installed Win10 Pro, so was hoping someone would have had experience of

Once again, thank you for your input!


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