[MinnowBoard] MNW2: No BIOS information in BIOS Setup Browser

Anteja Vuk Macek anteja.vm at dolotron.com
Thu Mar 31 07:36:25 UTC 2016


Thanks, I found this places you and Mike told me. But for now I have
problem, in code where string is show on Steup page. In  this line  Status
= Smbios->GetNext (Smbios, &SmbiosHandle, NULL, &Record, NULL);  function
return me EFI_NOT_FOUND , and I don't know why.

Also, I diff logs I got from our board and MinnowBoard Max, and I see that
on MinnowMax Gpio_S5_4 value is 0x2 after value is changed to 0x3. Could
you tell why and what change value?
In attachment are logs.

Best regards,


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