[MinnowBoard] MNW2: No BIOS information in BIOS Setup Browser

Wei, David david.wei at intel.com
Wed Mar 30 14:03:36 UTC 2016

I think Mike has told you how to configure the name string:

                    The string comes from BiosID. Check out four files BiosIdxx.env in Vlv2TbltDevicePkg. The description of the string is in the .env file header

                     #  BIOS ID string format:


                    Be notice that BOARD_ID is overridden in “bld_vlv.bat” by MNW2MAX with build option "MNW2".

If you want to check the code about how this string is showed on Setup front page, please refer to IntelFrameworkModulePkg\Universal\BdsDxe\FrontPage.c

if (!EFI_ERROR (Status)) {
    do {
      Status = Smbios->GetNext (Smbios, &SmbiosHandle, NULL, &Record, NULL);
      if (EFI_ERROR(Status)) {

      if (Record->Type == EFI_SMBIOS_TYPE_BIOS_INFORMATION) {
        Type0Record = (SMBIOS_TABLE_TYPE0 *) Record;
        StrIndex = Type0Record->BiosVersion;
        GetOptionalStringByIndex ((CHAR8*)((UINT8*)Type0Record + Type0Record->Hdr.Length), StrIndex, &NewString);
        HiiSetString (gFrontPagePrivate.HiiHandle, TokenToUpdate, NewString, NULL);
        FreePool (NewString);
        Find[0] = TRUE;



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We crate board similar to MinnowBoard Max and for that we want to brand BIOS for MinnowBoard Max. At first I changed firmware *.bin file name. Before I did this, I noticed that I didn't have  some information  about Computer model, CPU model and BIOS version. Information which I didn't have you could saw on font page in  left coner of BIOS Setup ( or Setup Browser ). When I start firmware on MinnowBoard Max in BIOS Setup Browser I can see this information ( or data ).

Is fimware checking on which board it boot and where in code I can see it? I looking in  MdeModulePkg module SetupBrowserDxe, IntelFrameworkModulePkg  module BdsDxe and  EdkCompatibilityPkg module  FormBrowser  but I don't see where is place in code where firmware fill information  which I don't have.

Also I saw in Platform.c  function DetermineTurbotBoard (), where was checking GPIO_S5_4 pin (), on our board this pin wasn't connected. Also pin GPIO_S5_17 is not connected. Is this pins which on our board are not connected reason that firmware conclude that my board is not MinnowBoard Max?

Could somebody help to fix my problem ?

Best regards,

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