[MinnowBoard] Went to boot Minnow until clear CMOS

Grigory V. Korotov grinux at mail.ru
Fri Dec 18 10:55:48 UTC 2015

Hi all.
Sometimes i have issue with my minnow. I went to boot it up until i 
clear CMOS by removing CMOS battery for few minutes.
I've been done some investigation. When board is in frozen state i see 
that CORE and GFX power supply stays in default voltages 1.1V on booth 
channels. So cpu does not start at all and dont initialize SVID 
iterface. When it starts correctly i see about 0.875V and 0.791V on CORE 
and GFX channels respectively. If i manually short PMC_RSMRST or 
PMC_CORE_PWROK signals nothing changes. Only VCC led shuts off for few 
seconds and then shuts on again.
Have someone same issue?


P.S. I have 5V 12A power supply ;)

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