[MinnowBoard] MinnowBoard MAX not EOLed (just the A2 based boards...)

John Hawley john.hawley at intel.com
Wed Sep 30 22:31:10 UTC 2015

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As with previous releases they'll be available when the boards ship
for sure, I can check with CircuitCo and ADI and see if they are
available to post sooner though.

- - John

On 09/30/2015 02:48 PM, David Rice wrote:
> John,
> Are the A4 hardware design files available yet?
> Thank you.
> David.
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> Afternoon Everyone,
> I've been answering this a lot lately, so I'm going to try and get
> this all down in one place so people know what's going on.  Many of
> you have gotten e-mails, specifically from Mouser, about the MAX
> being EOLed.  This is partially true, the A2 based MAXes are being
> EOLed as the A4s are getting close to being available, and the A4s
> have some user visible changes.  Those changes include (but aren't
> limited to): - Pin 26 on the LSE is changing to provide an MCLK -
> J7's function is changing to (once we get firmware support) to
> provide a way to clear the NVRAM of the firmware. (this will likely
> be in AFTER 0.83)
> There's some other fixes present as well, things like the I2C level
> shifter has been swapped out for one that will handle I2C better,
> etc. Mouser is EOLing the A2 based boards because the SKU will be
> changing due to a lot of these changes, this is normal for them,
> but does not mean that the MAX (in some form) is gone, quite the
> contrary.  We've got new lures that are getting worked out, and new
> things that we'll be showing off at ELCE, and going forward.  The
> SPI Hook, which Tin Can Tools just released, is one of the things
> we've been working on, Microsoft just announced the MinnowBoard MAX
> as Azure Certified for IoT, U-Boot firmware support was committed
> by a GSoC project over the course of the summer, etc.
> There's a lot of stuff going on, we just wanted to make sure
> everyone knew what was up with the EOL e-mails, and hopefully let
> everyone know we are feeling fine, and are thinking about going for
> a walk (see folks in Dublin!) :-)
> - John
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