[MinnowBoard] Minnowboard Max board designs files on Upverter.com

maxreyesr at gmail.com maxreyesr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 06:34:30 UTC 2015

Hey there, you know about Upverter? I'm just to fill up a project, on my
public Upverter Community Edition account, with the MinnowBoard MAX rev A2
board design files. The Fritzing parts library need some work but is usable
for begginers making basic lures in mind, not professional community
projects getting further on hardware design.

I haven't upload it yet because there is a responsability from you guys at
Minnowboard.org Foundation to take front to uploading with your own
Community account and trademark. Later we can get forks over that work with
settings on Minnowboard compatibility program.


You can create an account with the Minnowboard GITHub account.

If anyone recall for .upv file converted from OrCAD .dsn and .brd file is
on this site just for a while


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