[MinnowBoard] MinnowBoard Max beats ASUS Z871 with i7 and SSD booting W7

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I didn’t try to get Windows 7 running, I got Fedora 22 running. I also created a bootable USB stick using Memtest86 and was able to boot into both successfully by selecting either the USB device or SATA SSD in the UEFI boot manager. The only thing I know about any OS/Firmware combination is that both must be either 32 bit or both must be 64-bit.

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How did you get Windows 7 Professional running on the MinnowBoard Max? I was under the impression that Windows 7 wouldn't run because of a UEFI firmware version mismatch.

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Attached links to videos where we compare a MinnowBoard Max with an ASUS Z871 with i7 and SSD, both booting and shutting down Windows 7 Professional.



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