[MinnowBoard] Fwd: USB endpoints limit

Bertrand Roussel bertrand.roussel at cor-net.org
Fri Sep 4 21:18:04 UTC 2015


So the number of USB devices supported by the minnow seems to be pretty low.
The limit actually comes from the number of endpoints, which is 64 (using
the 2 USB type A connectors on the board).

However I couldn't figure out a way to use that controller in EHCI mode,
even if I disable the XHCI controller and enable the EHCI controller in the
bios, it seems like there is no effect from the Linux point of view.
I guess maybe there is if I was using USB3 devices, but that's not the case.

Also in both cases, the xhci_hcd driver is used to manage the controller,
not sure if that's relevant.

According to the datasheet, there is only one USB controller in the Atom,
so is there any way I can get that controller to manage more endpoints ?

- Firmware MinnowBoard MAX 0.82 64-Bit
- Linux 4.1.6

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