[MinnowBoard] Earlier questions about EDK2-Dev mailng list

Krau, Michael P michael.p.krau at intel.com
Tue Jul 7 23:39:16 UTC 2015

Hello Everyone,

Recently there was an email on the EDK2-Devel Mailing list on the UEFI Open Source Community Website (URL: www.tianocore.org<http://www.tianocore.org>) (Email list: edk2-devel at lists.sourceforge.net<mailto:edk2-devel at lists.sourceforge.net>), which referenced on this mailing list.  (see message: "[MinnowBoard] Getting MNW2 BIOS fixes committed" June 28, 2015).

There was a problem with the EDK2-Devel mailing list which resulted in the maintainer not properly receiving  the Email request.  The reported request has been tracked on the EDK2-Devel list, and the fixes are in review and check-in process.

Also on a related note (efforts to resolve the root cause of the original issue):  the EDK2_Devel mailing list is undergoing changes soon, as noted in the following excerpt from the Edk2-Devel message: "Re: [edk2] Replacement EDK2 email list coming soon" July 6, 2015:

> > On May 4, 2015, at 2:21 PM, Peterson,  wrote:

> > Due to community feedback, a new mailing list is being set up to

> > replace this one (ekd2-devel). The new list will be hosted on Lists.01.org and

> > should be more stable and consistent than this one.

> >

> > The host has an opt-in policy and will not allow the current

> > subscription list to be imported so you will need to subscribe yourself.

> > The timing of the final conversion to the new list is still to be

> > determined, but in the meantime you can sign up for the new list

> > here: https://lists.01.org/mailman/listinfo/edk2

(see further note below on address change)

> >

> > Please keep all relevant communications on this channel and do not

> > use the new one for patches or questions yet. Feel free to post

> > questions/comment/concerns to this current list.

> >


>Joe is out of the office currently, so another engineer is taking over on this task.

>The plan is to transition the list over the next week or two. (A separate email with the details will be sent out on the EDK2-Devel mailing list.)


>Note that compared to the original announcement the list has been renamed from edk2 to edk2-devel.



This new Email list should resolve the issues seen on the old EDK2-Devel list, and prevent reoccurrence of the earlier issue.

The firmware team will continue to be responsive to issues raised on both the EDK2-Devel and the Elinux-minnowboard mailing lists, though we would appreciate that firmware commits and firmware source specific items  be sent specifically to the edk2-devel list, while more specific MinnowBoard MAX system/firmware questions be sent to this list.

Thank you,

Michael Krau

While I am an Intel employee, I do not represent Intel and am not authorized to speak for Intel.

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