[MinnowBoard] MBM board BIOS waiting ethernet and taken 50 seconds

Krau, Michael P michael.p.krau at intel.com
Tue Jul 7 16:39:09 UTC 2015

This sounds like the boot order has set the PXE (Network) boot as an earlier device than the media which contains your OS (or the shell).  This should be resolved in setup by setting the boot order such that the PE boots are the very last options in the list (the system will attempt boot to every other device first, then boot to shell before attempting the PXE boot – never really getting to PXE, because all official MinnowBoard MAX firmware images have the shell).

The very early firmware images for the MinnowBoard MAX had PXE set as  last before shell, as default, but there was a Bugzilla  request (#6533) that requested this change (it was fixed in the 0.78 firmware earlier this year).  Now the systems by default should not really boot to PXE without intervention via setup.

Under fast boot, once your system has successfully booted to a device, that device should become the first attempted on subsequent boots (sets the previous device to top of the boot list), until changed or the device fails to boot.   Could your system have PXE booted before? (making PXE the default, and for some reason the PXE failure is not resetting the boot order to default)

The easiest fix is to get into the setup (boot manager) and change the boot order to put Network boot last on the list.

Michael Krau

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My MBM board if enabled the PCIE0 bus, then it will taken about 50 seconds to get booting linux, when i disabled the NIC (PCIE0) then only 2 seconds can booting up Linux, i tried to move the network in booting manager in BIOS setting menu, but not help, when poweroff and powerup, it will try searching network again(maybe try booting a OS from network), how i can fix it, the 50 seconds it too long for booting Linux :(

Thank you
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