[MinnowBoard] Colour of MinnowBoard PCB sticker indicates?

Rosario Vumbaca rosario.vumbaca at allieddata.com.au
Thu Jul 9 09:27:57 UTC 2015


We have found that the colour of the sticker (GREEN, YELLOW or BLUE) on 
the MinnowBoard PCB seems to correlate with some issues we are having.

Can anyone advise what the sticker colour indicates?


We are using a large quantity of MinnowBoards in a kiosk system.

Our power supply for the MinnowBoard has a current limit of around 2 Amps.

We have found that in some cases the MinnowBoard will fail to start up 
and keep causing the power supply to shut down.

This may sound odd, but the issues seem to be related to the colour of a 
sticker that is on the MinnowBoard.

We have observed that GREEN sticker units always work fine, while BLUE 
and YELLOW units can randomly fail to start up.

Has anyone observed anything along these lines?




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