[MinnowBoard] Tadpole or Calamari Lure for sale?

Clint Cooley clint at circuitco.com
Thu Jun 18 17:44:30 UTC 2015

Circuitco has stock on Calamari Lures that can ship same day.


Please contact us at sales at circuitco.com for your request


Thank you,


Clint Cooley


Circuitco Electronics LLC

1380 Presidential Dr #100

Richardson, TX 75081

Main: 214-466-6690 

Fax: 214-466-6694 


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Subject: [MinnowBoard] Tadpole or Calamari Lure for sale?


Hello fellow MinnowBoarders!


I'm looking to hook at LED to my MinnowBoard Max but am not having any luck sourcing a lure.


Mouser has the Calamari on order and Technodisti seems to have disappeared. Is there another source or does someone have one they would be willing to sell?


-- Dick





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