[MinnowBoard] SageBIOS troubles with Win7

Jeff Thomas jeff.thomas at se-eng.com
Thu May 28 23:21:05 UTC 2015

I'm checking on getting the EHCI image.
The notes you were reading did reflect what was available in a BSP, not the

This Open Source Package contains the source code necessary to build the
Source components of the SageBIOS image for a specific platform:

It does not contain proprietary components (which are not Open Source, and
therefore cannot be distributed).  The release notes included below indicate
the contents, features and capabilities of the complete BSP, which may
more than just this specific platform.

For information on purchasing a BSP (Board Support Package) with source code
and the proprietary binary components which enable you to build a BIOS for
boards built around the MinnowMax platform -- including modifying the BIOS
for your own platform -- please contact Sales at se-eng.com.

The BSP includes ROMs supporting EHCI and XHCI.  The OSP includes only one
ROM image, which I believe is the XHCI-enabled image.

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Sage Electronic Engineering (www.se-eng.com
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