[MinnowBoard] SageBIOS troubles with Win7

Leigh Gawne leighgawne at gmail.com
Thu May 28 12:32:37 UTC 2015

Hi guys,


I am testing the SageBIOS OSP download and testing installing/booting some
legacy operating systems.


One thing I have come across when installing Windows Embedded Standard 7
(the full fat variant not to be confused with Embedded Compact) is the lack
of USB keyboard and mouse when the installer is started, meaning I can't
actually install the OS on the device directly.


Obviously need to dig a little deeper into this, but I am wondering whether
this has to do with the default configuration of the E3800 SoC (apparently)
being XHCI and Windows 7 requiring EHCI. If so, is there any easy way of
configuring the BIOS to support the latter as an option (I guess this means
rebuilding it)?


Any help or information around this topic would be much appreciated.






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