[MinnowBoard] Sage offering free SageBIOS Open Source Package for MinnowBoard MAX

Jeff Thomas jeff.thomas at se-eng.com
Wed Apr 1 20:22:07 UTC 2015

*Longmont, Colo. --* Sage Electronic Engineering, www.se-eng.com, is
offering free SageBIOS™ Open Source Package (OSP) firmware supporting the
new MinnowBoard MAX for both the Intel E3815 (single-core) and the E3825
(dual-core) processors.
[image: Sage support MinnowBoard MAX development with new open source
MinnowBoard MAX

The binary SageBIOS boot ROM image, which is easily flashed on the
development board’s SPI Flash device, is based on the Intel® Firmware
Support Package (Intel® FSP) and coreboot® open source initialization. The
SageBIOS OSP replaces UEFI firmware that comes installed on both versions
of MinnowBoard MAX and will support booting a greater variety of operating
systems, including FreeBSD and a variety of RTOS, as well as legacy
operating systems such as older versions of Microsoft® Windows and even DOS.
The SageBIOS OSP will support all the operating systems supported by the
native UEFI firmware, such as Windows® and Linux®. In addition, the
SageBIOS OSP will boot both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems with a
single boot image.
To download the firmware, please visit www.se-eng.com/minnow/.
In the download you will receive instructions on how to program the ROM on
your development board. Welcome to the world of open source development on
Intel x86 processors.
*About Sage Electronic Engineering*
*Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC, of Longmont, Colo. (www.se-eng.com
<http://www.se-eng.com>), is an Affiliate Member of the Intel® Internet of
Things Alliance, providing royalty-free customized Board Support Packages
marrying open source (including coreboot®) solutions with proprietary
software. Sage partners with processor manufacturers, including Intel®, to
provide coreboot solutions for the open source community, as well as
developing SageBIOS™ BSPs for customers desiring the flexibility of open
source firmware stripped of unnecessary code and backed by rigorously


Jeff Thomas, marketing communications specialist
Sage Electronic Engineering (www.se-eng.com)
Office: 303-495-5499 ext: 121
Cell: 303-604-1020
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