[MinnowBoard] How to create working firmware image for source level debugging on usb2 port?

Tomislav Varga tomislav.varga at dolotron.com
Tue Mar 31 07:14:59 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,
I' m new to MinnowBoard  Max and I started working on Minnow board month

 We tried to do source level debug with USB port on MinowBoard Max
following instructions in UDK-Debugger-Tool-User-Manual v1.91 and using
Ajays tool. We added DebugCommunicationLibUsb in PlatformPkgIA32.dsc. We
set SOURCE_DEBUG_ENABLE from false on true in PlatformPkgConfig.dsc. Before
compiling firmware image we executed build -D SOURCE_DEBUG_ENABLE.  When we
tried compile debug  version of firmware image with SourceLevelDebugPkg
there was not enough space on volume FvRecovery (error 3000:  Invalid G
required Fv image size 0x2e890 exeeds the set fv image size 0x2d000
enFds.exe). Then we changed FLASH_REGION_FV_RECOVERY2_SIZE to 0x0002A000
and changed FLASH_REGION_FV_RECOVERY_OFFSET to 0x002D0000 and
Vlv2TbltDevicePkg/PlatformPkg.fdf. It compiled sucesfully and we burned
image on flash. After we started Minnow it didn't boot and WinDbg version
6.3.9600.17298 showed message debugge not connected. Driver for Ajays USB
2.0 debug device is usb2dbg version 6.3.9600.17298.  USBlyzer tool showed
that there was activity on usb port on host and there is communication
between SoftDebugger Debug Console and MinnowBoard Max. Can you tell us how
to create working firmware image for source level debugging on usb2 port?

Best regards,
Tomislav Varga
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