[MinnowBoard] USB power adapter

Ken Tait ktait at venturesystemdesign.com
Thu Mar 26 16:34:54 UTC 2015

Hi David,

That's alot of startup current. 40 amps is tough. You will definitely 
need a real switching supply, allow at least a 15% overhead on the max 
You might be better off using 2 smaller supplies(2 x 25A), one just 
wired to the SSD's. This may end up being less expensive than 1 big 
40amp unit.

I had to do something like this once for a hand held gaming system 
charger. We used MeanWell supplys, very good at good price with good 
short circuit and overcurrent...but there are many good choices out 
there. What you are looking for is one with good transient response.
I have a 30A unit on my bench running a laser driver and it takes alot 
of abuse...

Digikey sells barrel jacks with molded leads attached. I think CUI makes 
them? Not sure what the wire gauge is, but I would go at least 18 gauge 
so there is no voltage drop at the actual barrel jack. Barrel jacks 
really suck for this type of board. Despite what the specs say, they are 
really good for only about 1.5Amps. It would have been better off with 
straight .156" 2 pin header....Remember, there is a reset monitor that 
will trip if the 5V is too low, or comes up too slowly.

Good luck

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