[MinnowBoard] USB power adapter

David Byte dbyte at suse.com
Thu Mar 26 16:07:52 UTC 2015

Good advice Ken.

I'm looking to power a stack of up to 8 boards with Flotsam boards and 
possibly up to 8 SATA 2.5" SSD drives as well.  So, I am assuming I need 
to be looking at about 16 devices * 2.5A each @ 5V on a good switching 
power supply.

Thoughts of using this: 
and breaking it out to the 16 device plugs?

David Byte
Sr. Technology Strategist
Alliances and Integrated Systems
dbyte at suse.com

On 3/26/2015 9:50 AM, Ken Tait wrote:
> These boards have a pretty poor power supply to keep them 'cheap'. 
> That is why they require 5V in instead of 12V. All of the larger CPU's 
> have a large instantaneous current draw when they turn on. This gets 
> worse if you add disk drives or USB peripherals. The plug in the wall 
> power supplies are poorly designed, they in fact do NOT handle this 
> kind of surge well. If you get one to work, it is a random event. what 
> you really need is a 5V at 5A switching supply that has a fast rise 
> time to get this to reliably work.
> If you place an on/off switch in the + power supply lead and plug the 
> 'plug in the wall' supply in FIRST before turning it on, you may get 
> better results.
> This allows the supply to come up to voltage before turning on the Max.
> As for the barrel jacks, you can get them from Digi-Key or Mouser, 
> lots of the surplus houses like All-Electronics also have them from 
> time to time.
> Hope this helps
> Ken
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