[MinnowBoard] GSOC'15 - Idea feedback - SMBus Kernel Support

Subhashish Pradhan sprkv5 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 18:48:07 UTC 2015


I'm Subhashish Pradhan, a 3rd year CS undergrad from India. I am
interested in the following idea: "SMBus Kernel Support".

I see that this project requires C, some Linux driver and kernel
skills. I believe I have these skills thanks to my GSoC project with
GNU/Hurd last year and from writing basic kernel modules for the
Eudyptula Challenge.

Since this task is to be performed on the kernel source built on a
MinnowBoard, what could be some basic work that can be done to
demonstrate proficiency related to this project?

Any helpful directions/commments will be appreciated.

nick: sprkv5

P.S. - Apologies for mailing again - I'm unsure of how to proceed;
also tagged this mail as MinnowBoard;

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