[MinnowBoard] Unexpected info on "Bios Information" and "Platform Information" pages (0.76 fw)

B Cran bruce.cran at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 06:36:15 UTC 2015

I don't know if this data is all from SMBIOS or not, but I've noticed some
fields with unexpected data in the system information pages.  I updated to
0.76 firmware using the release binary from firmware.intel.com.

Bios information
IFWI Version
BIOS Version   MNW2MAX1.X64.0076.R01.1412081258
BIOS Vendor: Intel Corporation
Core Version: UEFI 2.3.1

Shouldn't the 'Core Version' be 2.40B?  The shell 'ver' command claims
2.40, so there's a mismatch somewhere.

Also, on the Platform Information page, the 'Total Memory' is claimed to be

Since bug 6554 is fixed in firmware 0.76 is there something I need to do to
reset those values? Should I use the .efi firmware update application, or
should updating over SPI work?

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