[MinnowBoard] USB issue?

Soeren Zorn ZornS at web.de
Thu Dec 4 21:18:31 UTC 2014

I encountered a small issue with the USB ports. I am running the latest Debian testing version on my MinnowboardMax (dual core version, Rev.A2), with LXDE as GUI. So far so good. Input device is a Logitech K400 keyboard connected by using a Logitech Unifying receiver.
Now about my problem - when I connect an external USB 3.0 hard drive to the USB3.0 port (the lower, blue USB port) with the Unifiying-Receiver connected to the upper USB2.0 port, the keyboard becomes somewhat unresponsive - meaning, I type on the keyboard, and sometimes a letter shows up, but most times not. Same for the keypad input - if I am lucky, the cursor moves, but most of the times, it simply does not. 
Now comes the funny thing - when I connect the hard drive to the USB2.0 port (top), and the unifying receiver to the lower USB3.0 port, everything works like a charm, besides the fact that the disk transfer speed is limited to USB2.0.
Any ideas what goes wrong? Anything I might have done wrong? I am thankful for any suggestions!

...and thanks for all the fish (in memory of D. N. Adams)

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