[MinnowBoard] Spam email?

David Rolfe david at montala.co.uk
Fri Nov 7 19:54:01 UTC 2014

Hi Thomas,

Yes, I also received one from Raymond Jacobs, but only about an hour ago.

Although I have posted on here in the past I have not done so in the last 
few weeks, so I would think it unlikely that your details were taken from a 
specific post made in the last day or so.

I did have a look at it, but didn't think it was anything I would be 
particularly interested in following up.

Hope this helps,

David (Rolfe)

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Subject: [MinnowBoard] Do we have a spammer on the mailing list?
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Hi everyone,

I just got an unsolicited commercial email (commonly referred to as
spam) from "raymond at initial...".
The email was referencing the MinnowBoard, so I'm pretty sure, that it
is related to me posting to the list today.
The email contains what looks like click-tracking links, something also
commonly seen with that type of "email marketing"

Did anyone else get such emails?

Can a list moderator have a look at this please?

Best regards


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