[MinnowBoard] Installing OS

Arne Gollin arne.gollin at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 1 03:21:56 UTC 2014

i just got my board today, but I can get it running. Since there was no
micro SD delivered (which i thought would be preinstalled delivered with
Armstrom), I tried to set up a micro SD on my own. I followed the guide as
described by the wiki and tried different version of Armstrom, but there
was never a bootx64 file on it and the bootfile in /fs0/efi/boot/ couldn't
be loaded on this efi system.

So I tried to install windows 8.1 embedded industrial, i managed to load
the bootable usb stick, but after installing (but before the updateing
step) an error occured and said that the registry cannot be updated. So
this didn'T work either...

maybe some background info:
EFI specification revision: 2.40
EFI vendor: EDK II
EFI revision: 1.0
Firmware 0.0.71

I also tried to update the firmware, but I couldn't compile it on my own
(probably because I don't have a full VS 2010 version, and somehow he
doesn't want to use my VS 2012 professional -.-)... can some1 compile the
newest version for me and send it over?

I hope some1 can help me out

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