[MinnowBoard] Defective Minnowboard?

Timothy Hurita iviguy at outlook.com
Sun Oct 26 16:27:55 UTC 2014

Do both LED's stay solid the whole time or does one of them start blinking? The MBM can be a bit picky about power and the LED closest to the SATA port will blink if that's the case. 

Don't take this question personally but did you flash the latest Minnowboard Max firmware or the Minnowboard v1 firmware? I ask only because I've seen some folks get the two mixed up. The latest MBM firmware is v0.73.


If the firmware is correct and both LED's remain solid, and your sure that the HDMI cable and monitor are good then it does sound like there might be an issue with your board based on the debug output and the way it's acting.

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