[MinnowBoard] MAX at 90ºC

David Anders danders at circuitco.com
Tue Oct 21 16:40:13 UTC 2014


any processor, x86 or otherwise, without the correct thermal throttling 
can get extremely hot. based on your description i would suspect the 
distro you are running has an older kernel that is not doing proper 
thermal throttling.

what distro and kernel are you using?


On 10/21/2014 11:37 AM, Thiago Tenório Jordão de Vasconcelos wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I just would like to know if is ok if the CPU is working at 90ºC.
> I'm just testing the MAX... I put one movie playing (full HD)... Its 
> using all the CPU to play it.
> The good thing is that the MAX play it wonderful! xD
> I installed *lm-sensors* so I could see what is the temperature (since 
> the heatsink is untouchable) and I got the 90ºC.
> Is that ok to let it working at this temperature?
> My best regards,
> Thiago Vasconcelos
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