[MinnowBoard] MinnowBoard Max Case (Re-purposed RPi Case)

Timothy Hurita iviguy at outlook.com
Wed Sep 17 02:37:20 UTC 2014

There's not a lot of case options available for the MinnowBoard Max yet so I thought I'd share with the list what I am using. 

Using a Dremel I modded a case that was made for the Raspberry Pi. 

This is the case I used: 

I think I purchased it from Sparkfun a few years ago (not sure). It wasn't popular because it didn't do a very good job of supporting the Pi, but it was cheap at around $10 and I found it useful enough for experimenting with on a work bench. It could support two Pi's when the case was separated.  

Basically I just used the Dremel to cut off all of the Pi support tabs on one half of the case and then velcroed an SSD drive to it. The MAX has a plastic standoff inserted into each corner which is then Velcro'd to the top of the SSD. These standoffs were popular in the 80's\90's for supporting computer motherboards and fortunately I still have a few scattered around my junk drawer. Also, I am using industrial strength Velcro, which once stuck to a surface, is almost permanent the stuff is so strong.

Here are some pics to give you a better idea (My Picasa links): 



It's not a permanent solution and might not survive well if tossed across the room, but it's good enough for experimenting with. All in all it took about 20-30 minutes to make.

If you have come up with a case idea for the MAX please share.

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