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Subject:  [MinnowBoard] Adding Bluetooth modules to Angstrom kernel

> Hi,
> I'm trying to use a usb bluetooth adapter to work with a Minnowboard (LM506,
> which has a Broadcom Chipset). I installed Bluez, but I can't get it up and
> running (e.g. hci_config fails), which is, from what I can tell, due to the
> fact that my linux Angstrom kernel is missing bluetooth modules (at least
> btusb, but maybe more). lsusb shows the broadcom chipset, lsmod shows no sign
> of btusb, and n sign of any btusb.* on my micro-SD card that came with the
> Minnowboard).
> I tried re-configuring the Angstrom kernel with bluetooth modules, but
> apparently the image that got distributed wiht my Minnowboard does not even
> have the sourcecode of these bluetooth kernel modules (no btusb.c anywhere).
> Does anyone know:
> - Is there anyway I can manually add the bluetooth modules to my Angstrom
> kernel? Do I cross-compile a new Angstrom kernel from scratch and copy the
> modules over to my Minnowboard? Is there an easier way?

Angstrom is using the linux-yocto kernel, the recipe is in the meta-minnow
layer. You'll find a configuration fragment in the meta-minnow linux-yocto
recipe files dir which you can simply add the drivers you want to.

The file you want to modify is this one:

Add a file://bluetooth.cfg to the SRCURI. Then create a directory
"linux-yocto" and add a configuration fragment called bluetooth.cfg. It
should just be a subset of the Linux .config with the specific CONFIGs you
need. E.g.:


Please use modules over built-in whenever possible.

Then send me a patch :)

> - Can I re-compile my current angstrom kernel with bluetooth modules? Where
> can I find the full source of the Angstrom distribution as it was compiled for
> the Minnowboard, including these bluetooth modules? Just starting from scratch
> from the source from angstrom-distribution.org
> <http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/>  seems insufficient, because there
> seem to be multiple Minnowboard-specific modules I would be missing then).

There are instructions for building Angstrom for Minnow, and that includes
all the Yocto Project meta-data you need to do that, and that downloads all
the sources.



> Thanks!
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