[MinnowBoard] Adding Bluetooth modules to Angstrom kernel

Robert robertdegruijl at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 20 03:59:42 UTC 2014

I'm trying to use a usb bluetooth adapter to work with a Minnowboard (LM506, which has a Broadcom Chipset). I installed Bluez, but I can't get it up and running (e.g. hci_config fails), which is, from what I can tell, due to the fact that my linux Angstrom kernel is missing bluetooth modules (at least btusb, but maybe more). lsusb shows the broadcom chipset, lsmod shows no sign of btusb, and n sign of any btusb.* on my micro-SD card that came with the Minnowboard).
I tried re-configuring the Angstrom kernel with bluetooth modules, but apparently the image that got distributed wiht my Minnowboard does not even have the sourcecode of these bluetooth kernel modules (no btusb.c anywhere).
Does anyone know:
- Is there anyway I can manually add the bluetooth modules to my Angstrom kernel? Do I cross-compile a new Angstrom kernel from scratch and copy the modules over to my Minnowboard? Is there an easier way?  - Can I re-compile my current angstrom kernel with bluetooth modules? Where can I find the full source of the Angstrom distribution as it was compiled for the Minnowboard, including these bluetooth modules? Just starting from scratch from the source from angstrom-distribution.org seems insufficient, because there seem to be multiple Minnowboard-specific modules I would be missing then).

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