[MinnowBoard] Max PXE Boot?

Michael michael at kmaclub.com
Fri Aug 8 15:28:31 UTC 2014

On 08/05/2014 05:59 PM, John Hawley wrote:
> Has anyone gotten a Max to PXE boot?  I've netbooted a version 1 
> MinnowBoard, but the UEFI shell on the Max seems to be missing the 
> bcfg command, and no network devices appear in the boot order through 
> the graphical bios menu system, so I'm not sure where to look to even 
> try it.
> We're using these for a project at Google, and I'd like to get us 
> using Max'es, but the ability to netboot is critical for us, so any 
> help would be greatly appreciated.

I was able to PXE boot mine this morning into iPXE (w/EFI support ) and 
then chain into Fedora 20 without any issues.

I admit I know very little about EFI and haven't touched it since the 
Itanium days.

Looking at the graphical bios, I can add a boot option and the network 
card is definitely one of the choices.

My board even came with a EFI Network boot option already enabled.


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