[MinnowBoard] UEFI shell don't always shows

Jérémy Hervé jeremy.herve at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 07:41:08 UTC 2014

Hi everyone !

I am deliciously pleased to inform you that I received my Minnowboard Max
(in France, from Mouser, where you can't order it from France anymore

First report :

1. HDMI Cable used

HDMI cable bought there :
has following features :
HDMI 1.4 compilant, HEC, HDCP, ARC, 3D Full HD, 4K, length: 1 meter

2. Tested monitors

2.1. Haier

Haier LT19Z6 works, using HDMI-A/HDMI-D cable mentionned earlier.
- If you switch-on the board where the monitor is up-and-running, you can
get EFI shell.

- If you switch-on the board while the monitor is unplugged, wait 10 secs
and then plug the monitor, you get nothing.

2.2. SABA

Saba SCB1910VX

Connected using the HDMI cable mentionned earlier.
Since this monitor wasn't used during months, I'll must try its HDMI input
using something else before deducing MBM to be the cause.

2.3. Philips

Philips 221S3LSB/00 (S/N: AU5A1310000565) won't works

Connected using the HDMI cable mentionned earlier, throught a HDMI/DVI-D

Finally, I got Ubuntu 14.04 live run from an USB Flash Disk. HTML 5 videos
playback in Youtube was excellent. Idem for VLC full HD decoding.

Some reboots didn't show the EFI shell, and finally, the board is not
sending HDMI signal anymore (same case as jezra and Bryan Smith).

Jérémy Hervé,
Nantes, France

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