[MinnowBoard] Max PXE Boot?

Bryan Smith bryan at fossetcon.org
Wed Aug 6 03:25:20 UTC 2014

Hey John,

I tried this tirelessly quite a few times and I even built my own UEFI
with the UEFI Firmware Development Kit. I too noticed things were missing
but the ip stack stuff is definitely in there. I could set ip's etc, and
it would attempt to netboot by grabbing files via tftp, but it always
failed afterwards.

It doesn't work on version 1.0 even though it's said to be added in that
version. I waited for 1.0 to only find that it didn't work and it's still
in that state as there is no new firmware.

MinnowBoard UEFI Firmware Release Version 1.00
2013 Dec 5th

   - Boot from SATA, micro SD, USB, Ethernet (PXE)

7.  Failed to boot from PXE IPV4

8.  Failed to boot from PXE IPV6

Here is the source of the ReleaseNotes.txt:


> Has anyone gotten a Max to PXE boot?  I've netbooted a version 1
> MinnowBoard, but the UEFI shell on the Max seems to be missing the bcfg
> command, and no network devices appear in the boot order through the
> graphical bios menu system, so I'm not sure where to look to even try it.
> We're using these for a project at Google, and I'd like to get us using
> Max'es, but the ability to netboot is critical for us, so any help would
> be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> ~madsci
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