[MinnowBoard] SPI support on minnowboard v1

Joel Whitehouse joelw at softronicsltd.com
Mon Aug 4 19:31:02 UTC 2014

My company is incorporating the minnowboard v1 into a product.  We need to get SPI working before a customer deadline.

We have some working python-spidev code that's been tested on another board.  We can't get it running on the minnow (using the stock angstrom image) because there are no spidev devices in /dev/, even after running `modprobe spidev'.  I have seen the calamari code, but there are no instructions for converting that into an actual /dev/spidev1.0 type device.

Has anyone got a spi device working on the v1?  How can we request support for this feature?


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