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>Hi, I'm really looking forward to getting the minnowboard max, one
>question I was wondering if anyone knows, I heard we can add an lvds lure
>to attach a touch screen, is there any other way of adding a small touch
>screen to the board ? I know hdmi may be an option.  so just wondering if
>there is another way, I'm not new to computer hardware but am to
>development boards, my plan is to make a mini PC/portable music player
>running from a small sata hard drive and powered by a small battery, and
>using a USB sound card.

>From a productization perspective, the touch panel on a Lure will likely
be the most attractive solution. For a hobbyist / prototyping perspective,
you might find that something like the HDMI+USB touch screens from
companies like lilliput will suit your needs. Powering these on a battery
will be more challenging.


Lots of other examples, both with and without a frame/bezel.

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