[MinnowBoard] Quad-Core version of MinnowBoard MAX

Chris Benson chris at chrisbenson.com
Wed Apr 9 16:48:19 UTC 2014

On this page:


...it says:

*We have not announced any other models or pricing than for the above two
SKUs. CircuitCo is evaluating demand for a quad-core version of MinnowBoard
MAX – if you would like to see this, please sound off in our community

I would definitely like to see a quad-core version of the MinnowBoard MAX
with 4GB+ DDR3 RAM.

I'm working on a project that requires me to choose a powerful single-board
computer to be the foundation for a product that will be mass-produced.

Having the option for multiple RJ-45 connectors for 10/100/1000 Ethernet
would also be highly-desirable in a quad-core version.

Does CircuitCo have any plans for such a version?  If so, how soon would it
be introduced to the market?  And at what price-point? (i.e. bulk purchase

Thank you,
Chris Benson
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