[MinnowBoard] [Help] Communicating with an Arduino Based Autopilot

Darren Hart dvhart at linux.intel.com
Wed Apr 9 16:16:24 UTC 2014

This is very likely due to that particular driver not being included by the
BSP. You can verify by determining the specific CONFIG required and
verifying it is or is not in your kernel config (/proc/config.gz). If it is,
you can verify in the driver source fi the vendor/product ID is supported by
the driver.

I suspect you just need to build the driver. If you find the CONFIG is
missing, just let me know what it is you want added and I'll update the BSP.
In the mean time, you can install the kernel dev packages and build it

We have 3.10-LTSI support in the dora branch of the minnow BSP layer
currently. I was about to tag it and release it, but let's make sure it has
the support you need first. If not, I'll add it first.

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Subject:  [MinnowBoard] [Help] Communicating with an Arduino Based Autopilot

> Greetings everybody. I just switched over from the beaglebone black to the
> minnowboard. Currently I am trying to communicate to the APM 2.6 via USB. It
> is an arduino based autopilot which uses Atmega 2560 chip.
> Here are my predicaments. Plugging the APM into my laptop running ubuntu
> yields positive results. It shows up as /dev/ttyACM0. However, when i plug it
> into the minnowboard, it does not show up as ttyACM0 nor ttyUSB0. However, it
> does show up under lsusb as ArdupilotMega 2560 (CDC ACM)
> Im thinking that the board does not have the proper kernel module. Using some
> google-fu, ive narrowed it down to kernel-module-cdc-acm. However, " opkg
> install kernel-module-cdc-acm" yields no positive result. It says unknown
> package. 
> I am confused now. Im fairly new to the linux world. It doesnt seem like an
> hardware incompatibility. Otherwise, it wouldnt show up under lsusb. My next
> steps would be upgrading the kernel to 3.10 LTSI to see if i get to reach the
> needed kernel module. Please advise.
> Thanks for your time!
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