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Elkin Granados edgh33 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 16:45:33 UTC 2017

Hi, I'm so glad to write to you,

My name is Elkin Granados, I'm electronic engineer in Bogota, Colombia. On
this moment I'm developing a project in which I'm using a fingerprint
scanner futronic FS88 attached to a raspberry pi 3 and zero. By the moment
the library that you have released on the web site have been worked fine
for me, but I have a problem, the company  just have several FS88 scanners
and the most that they have are FS88H. I read that the library is
compatible with the model FS80H, so I expected that also works for  the
FS88H but it didn't.

So, my question is: Do you know if there is other library that could be
compatible with this scanner reference? in the case that there is not, I
would like to know the procedure to try to make compatible the currently
library or if could be possible that I make by myself the library? I'm
almost new on this area, so any information that you could provide to me
I'll be really grateful to receive it.

I keep looking forward for your reply, have a nice day!

Elkin Granados
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