[Elinux-wiki-dev] $35 Raspberry Pi clone Lemon Pi board with Quad-core A9 and PowerVR544 GPU?

Brian Wilson brian at wildsong.biz
Thu May 28 18:22:43 UTC 2015

I find wikipedia is the quickest source to answer quick questions on
processors. Search this table for A7


Summary : The A9 is substantially faster and has more cache. Page does not
mention power.

"Faster" often means "uses more power" but not always. The Lemon spec sheet
calls for 5v/700ma (3.5W) and the RPi2 calls out 5v/800ma (4W) so on the
specs the Lemon comes out ahead.

They SAY the 40pin connector is 100% compatible but I'd say invest $35, and
try it. Trust no one. :-) YMMV. You might be unlucky enough to have a board
that is not compatible.

Lemon runs Android 5.0 so I think that means they are using a different
video engine, I think the GPU on the RPI is what blocked Android from
moving forward on that board. I think this is a big plus but you might not
care about Android. (It's useless on a web or file server for example)


Such glorious times that have such things as Raspberry Pi's, too bad the
end is so near!  :-)

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