[MinnowBoard] Power on, but system not running

T nailsoftruth at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 13:41:37 UTC 2015


I started a new post, so I didn't hijack the previous poster.  I started 
as a reply search for updates to his/her issue which was similar to mine 
on this post:

Here is my issue.  I have a Minnowboard Max that is no longer starts.  The 
D1 power LED is illuminated; however, the D2 On/Off status indicator LED 
is not.  I did notice that before it completely stopped working; the 
system would intermittently turn off as if there was some type of power 
save mode.  The Power LED would always stay illuminated, but the On/Off 
status indicator LED would turn off.  I would either need to push the 
reset button, or unplug and plug in the power.

Thanks to Dave Wei for your suggestion to read out the image that I 
programmed into the flash and compare it to the original. I did this and 
the MD5 hashes match.  The power LED (D1) is illuminated so power is being 
supplied to the board; however, the On/Off status indicator (D2) is not.  
It has blinked on occasion (but mostly not) when I do something to the 
system, such as: push the reset button, or unplug a USB device, but that's 
it.  I flashed a Debug ROM and connected a cable to the UART 6-wire serial 
port, but there is no longer any debug output to view.  

All things functioned well before.  I'm not sure what else to do other 
than RMA.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks.


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