[MinnowBoard] Resurecting a non-functioning minnowboard

T nailsoftruth at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 20:06:01 UTC 2015

 <minnow at ...> writes:

> My minnowboard has been functioning well for about 6 months.  The  
> other day it did not start up.   1 blue LED comes on.   The serial  
> port monitor does not show anything.   Does this mean the board should  
> go the trash heap or is there some trick that might revive it?   
> Perhaps a jumper that resets the bios?
> thanks,
> matt
Any updates to this?  I am experiencing the same issue.  I have flashed 
with a Pre-built BIOS Firmware Binary (e.g., v0.77-0.81) using DediProg 
SF600, but still no luck.

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