[MinnowBoard] First official release of Instant boot MinnowMax BIOS from WinZent

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Mon Jun 22 21:45:38 UTC 2015

Dear all, 

We’re happy to announce the first official release of our instant boot legacy BIOS for the MinnowMax. Register on our site to get it! 

Below our press release: 
WinZent launches MinnowBoard Max instant boot package

Stockholm, June 22nd 2015: WinZent Technologies AB today announced the general availability of its wION BIOS and wIOS operating system for the MinnowBoard Max open hardware board.

The MinnowBoard Max is an open hardware platform targeted at the small and low cost embedded systems market. Based on the Intel ATOM Baytrail processor, it combines exceptional performance and flexibility, with openness and standards.

According to Business Insider UK, moving to open source hardware within data centers has saved Facebook $2 billion and cut Fidelity Investments’ data center electric bill by 20%. The MinnowBoard is an open source enabler for the embedded systems market, which according to Grand View Research is expected to exceed $200 billion by 2020.

WinZent’s software allows the embedded systems developer to use any operating system, from legacy operating systems such as MS-DOS, to most Linux distributions and the latest Microsoft Windows versions. The software also boosts the board with lightening-fast performance. WinZent’s wION BIOS cold boots the MinnowBoard Max in 0.56 seconds, and completes a warm reboot in 0.21 seconds. wION is bundled with WinZent’s real-time POSIX compliant operating system wIOS, which can provide multiples to magnitudes improved performance for applications and programs.

“We see a tremendous potential in the MinnowBoard Max” says Fredrik Hånell, CEO of WinZent Technologies AB. “With our software package the board’s performance exceeds most customized solutions in the market, which makes it a bargain for any embedded systems developer.”

More information on the Minnowboard Max and the MinnowBoard community can be found at www.minnowboard.org.

About WinZent Technologies AB

WinZent Technologies develops and markets the world's fastest and most compact firmware and kernel software. wION, our BIOS, is characterized by sub-second boot time and full support for both legacy and the latest operating systems. wIOS, our POSIX-compliant operating system, is characterized by its deterministic real-time capabilities and its lightening-fast speed. WinZent Technologies AB is headquartered in Stockholm in Sweden.

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