[MinnowBoard] GSoC-2015 Extend Wiring/Process libraries to MinnowBoard Max

Anders, David david.anders at intel.com
Tue Mar 10 19:04:58 UTC 2015

Greetings All,

There has been a lot of questions going around on IRC about this project. I've added a resource section to the wiki page with the basic starting points and backgrounds:


some history. The wiring and process development environment is often thought of as the "Arduino IDE". It was originally targeted as small microcontrollers. For the Google Summer of Code 2013 as part of the BeagleBoard projects, the libraries for Wiring were created to work under a Linux based distribution. The project was known as "Userspace-Arduino". The GSOC project was very successful and the core portions were adopted into the environment used on the Intel Galileo board. Because Galileo and the MinnowBoard Max both are capable of running a Linux based operating system, getting the custom Galileo IDE working on the MinnowBoard Max is an important aspect of the MinnowBoard.org community engagement. If you are considering applying for this project, please start out looking at the hardware differences between Galileo and MinnowBoard Max, as well as the source code for the custom Galileo IDE. You can links to this material on the wiki page referenced above!

Happy Hacking!
Dave Anders
Aka prpplague
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