[MinnowBoard] Regarding GSOC project

John Hawley john.hawley at intel.com
Tue Mar 10 17:14:18 UTC 2015

Once you've got it building, it should become more obvious what the
deficiencies are, but they range from:

- The build script is sourced into your current shell vs. running in
it's own
- Values in the script are hard coded and not easily overridden
- There's no "good" way to deal with switches in the build system right
now, that needs to get fixed
- Etc

getting the firmware built, preferably under Linux, is definitely the
first step though as it will expose you to the build process and
highlight some of the issues we've got right now.

- John

On 03/10/2015 12:45 AM, Tushar Rajput wrote:
> Hi ,
> I am interested in contributing to the project for GSOC by cleaning up
> the EDK2 (Tianocore) GCC firmware build system.
> I have started readining the source code and also trying to compile it.
> I am pretty confident that I can help in documentation, but about
> re-working the build system Specifically where should  I head to ?
> Thanks
>  - Tushar Rajput
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