[MinnowBoard] Mouser Germany shippings

Melvyn melvyn at mbitms.co.uk
Sat Sep 6 15:26:05 UTC 2014

>From personal experience Mouser ship every thing from their USA warehouse.
 So every one needs to sign the USA export document not just Mouser.

Sad export requirement when complete notebook device can purchased any where!

Mouser have 1141 on back order, I hope this covers all back orders they have taken
To quote the Mouser web site for the MINNOWBOARD-MAX-DUAL

      Mouser Product Availability
      No Stock
      1,141 On Order 
      Quantity 641 Estimated Dispatch Date 17/10/2014
      Quantity 500 Estimated Dispatch Date 20/11/2014
      Factory Lead Time 20 Weeks

      So two questions,  

      1...    how many do CircuitCo have on back order ?
      2...    how many are being made per week?

      Seems like Intel totally under estimated demand...

      And to read how CircuitCo is more than happy to sell over the counter to those living locally makes 
      our wait even more frustrating.

      For those who like to make comparisons with the Raspberry Pi... 

Last year 38,000 Pis were being made every week by the "Sony" factory in Pencoed Wales. 
Production ramp up was 
     June 204 units per week,
     July  10,000 units per week 
     August 38,000 units per week

Target > 1,000,000 per year

My back order was placed with  "TIGAL KG"   
23 June 2014...      Minnowboard MAX E3825 (dual-core, 1,33 GHz) (Item not in stock, estimated lead time min. 6 weeks)

Good luck all those waiting


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  Hey, since there was so much trouble about getting the export thingy done... are there any stocks shipping towards Mouser Germany at the moment?

  I realy can't wait for my Minnowboard Max...



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